Meet our stars

John Steady

Full time actor

John Steady has starred in over 25 of our plays and has built a solid fan base.

Jason Burke

Full time actor

Jason Burke is known for his realistic dramatic shows at the Burton Theatre.

Jessica Belshaw

Full time actress

Jessica Belshaw can definitely put a smile on your face with her comedy parts.

Tony Keaton

Part time partner

Tony Keaton stars in occasional shows and makes sure the people will ask for more.

Dean Bates

Part time partner

Dean Bates will uplift your spirit with his comedy shows – one of our top collaborations.

Susan Lee

Part time partner

Susan Lee will definitely draw some attention with her deep roles in our dramatic shows.

Josh Fallon

Full time actor

Josh Fallon is the guy you want to hate, but his roles will make you love him.

Martin Sanderson

Full time actor

Martin Sanderson is everyone – a cowboy, a robot or a frustrated husband. His diversity is amazing.

Jenna Hilton

Part time partner

Jenna Hilton will join our shows occasionally, but she will certainly make her roles stand out.

Natalie Harding

Full time actor

Natalie Harding has drama in her name – her shows will simply mix your feelings up.