Attractive Destination for Travelers in Langkawi.

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April 12, 2020

Attractive Destination for Travelers in Langkawi.

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Langkawi is seen as the jewel of Malaysia. Conceived from 99 different large and small islands located in northwestern Malaysia. The white sandy beach stretches, undulating hills and eagles flew in the air is the hallmark of Langkawi island noted foreign tourist heart. You are intending to travel to Malaysia and unknown to choose the attractive places? You should first play at which let you win all-inclusive paid trip to pearl island Langkawi; Let’s learn about pearl island Langkawi with Attractive Destination.

Cenang Beach in Langkawi

Cenang Beach is the most famous beach of Langkawi. With wide and long sandy beaches. At this place is a a quiet and comfortable place for guests, participate in water sports such as swimming, diving, yachting, parachuting, .. When night falls here twinkling lights sparkling and the bustle of the tourist cruises in bars and restaurants.

Skybrigde And Cable Car Langkawi

If Cenang is famous and beautiful beaches of Langkawi in the water, the Skybrigde And Cable Car Langkawi

Hill is the most attractive destination attracts many tourists. Skybrigde And Cable Car Langkawi is very suitable for those who favor adventurous and inquisitive. To visit here, you will visit the most unique path in the world. Admire the majestic mountains, panoramic viewa of Kuah Bay with gorgeous yachts below. Especially also witnessed the eagle flew in the air. It is a wonderful and attractive destination in Langkawi.

Eagle Square

Eagle Square is the symbol of Langkawi. Not only is derived its name, but because this is the landmark where many brown eagles live. The monument is shaped a brown eagle wings spread, prepared flying skyward. So if you travel to Langkawi, keep the memories have come here with the photograph next to the monument. I’ll be mistake if we do not do that.

Langkawi Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise is also an attractive destination of Langkawi. Located east of the Langkawi island, designed mimicking the natural habitat of birds. With more than 2500 different species of birds. Including more than 1,500 free-flying birds. Scroll to where seasonal. Bird Paradise is Asia’s first Wildlife Park fully protected.

Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman

Situated on the Kuah harbor, Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman is a beautiful Park and attractive destinations of Langkawi. Opened in 1996 with colorful walls. 50-hectare site, the majority here is sculptures sketch the lore and legends such as Langkawi heroes, mythical bird, evil, beautiful princess.

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