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Love is in the air

Meet Ana and John and join them in a venture of discovering love. In a world where people are afraid of their feelings, this couple does it differently.
15 V 2015 18:10

The old house

This dramatic act exposes the lives of three families from three different generations sharing the same household.
15 V 2015 20:25

The plant man

Enjoy a dramatic act exposing an old man and his love for plants, as the only things in his life that still bring him joy.
15 V 2015 23:15


The dark traveler

Join David in his venture to rediscover himself – walking in a random direction without a final destination can only lead to a beautiful adventure.
15 V 2015 18:10

The living room

The entire action in this play takes place inside a living room – meet a family of four and their different habits and everyday worries.
15 V 2015 20:25

The girl

This love story presents the passion a man makes for a girl working in a bakery. Things do not always go in the right direction though.
15 V 2015 23:15