Thai Amulet in a Minute

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Thai Amulet in a Minute

A Thai amulet also referred as “votive tablet”, is  Thai Buddhist blessed charms. The amulets are considered a “divine gift”, to help enhance luck and blessings in different aspects of life. One can use amulets to improve their wealth, love, health, marriage and relationships etc

Originally the amulets are placed under a stupa or other temple structure when it is built. Whenever the structure collapses, one can find many amulets. Some can be over a century old.

Thai Amulets have been a part of Thai culture since time immemorial. First amulets were supposed to have been made by a group of plants. These plants have medicinal properties, as well as the power to grant invulnerability.

Thai’s believed the amulets can counteract bad events, illness, black magic, evil spirits or misfortune such as accidents or assault.

Clay molded tiny Buddha images were mixed with the ashes of ascetic monks and then kept in a copper pot and kept below the earth.   When ever need arises, they are excavated and used as powerful amulets.

Some of the amulets have been manufactured in temples and are blessed or consecrated and then given to important persons who make donations. This way money is raised for new temple buildings.

These days not only Thai’s but world over wears amulets.

There are 10 types of amulet as follows:

  1. Natural Earth: Sacred soils dug from the site where Buddhist monk where buried.
  2. Variety of stones and metals: natural and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, or mixed metals.
  3. Plants: parts of a plant such as root, bark, leaf, flower, fruit, etc.
  4. Animals: parts of an animal such as horn, bone, nail, tusk, and eyes etc.
  5. Human: Parts of the body such as tooth of a monks, bones of well-known Buddhist monks. tooth of ancestors etc.
  6. Copper mystic diagram plates
  7. Sanctified sacred water after Buddhist rituals.
  8. Oil: Sanctified with mantras for example
  9. Paper, cloth and strings
  10. Drawings and pictures: Drawing and pictures with mystical designs or letters are placed or inscribed on a piece of papers or clothes which are believed to have supernatural power

These things should be made with miraculous power before using.

Ways of using amulets

Various ways of using amulets are as follows:

  • Strap: amulets put around neck, waist, or arm, etc.
  • Wearing: amulets worn around neck, head, arm, finger, etc.
  • Implanting: Implant amulet such as magic jewelry, a amulets of rolled gold, copper, silver, into skin.
  • Keeping in the mouth: amulet kept in the mouth as a little ball such as a
  • sacred wad, a small amulet etc.

An amulet is believed to possess a specific divine power such as reinforcing good virtue, avoiding catastrophe, bringing general prosperity, or providing supernatural powers, Thais normally  will wear many amulets often in odd numbers (3,5,7 or 9) to ensure complete protection and good fortune. In selecting a right amulet, it is important for an a amulets collectors, that it is made and blessed by a revered teacher or monk. A valuable amulet is that which comes from a person who have special powers.

Unsacralized amulets are considered to be incomplete and have no power.  Since an amulet is chosen by its protective or good fortune qualities, all care should be taken to maintain the sacredness. Those who wish to buy an amulet should verify the genuineness

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